International Antidepressant Withdrawal Project


The power of side-effects:
the silent and insidious destruction caused by side-effects

We tend to forget some basic truths, one of which is that drugs are, in fact, chemicals, and, as such, they can have a detrimental effect on the human body. Despite the currently held theory that antidepressants work only on chosen neurotransmitters, ostensibly treating the “chemical imbalance” safely and effectively, the fact is they know no limits. To get properly absorbed, they first have to go through the digestive system, then find their way into the blood vessels, and, eventually, reach every living cell of the body. The profound negative impact of these chemicals is exerted on everything that they meet on their way: internal organs, nerves, bones, muscles...

Even if taken in seemingly small daily quantities, over years the amount consumed reaches staggering proportions. To keep itself in homeostasis, the body fights to the best of its abilities against this external chemical onslaught, but only for so long. At some point, the individual's state starts to deteriorate, as s/he develops ever more serious conditions. These are the side-effect of the drugs.

Today, the sad truth is that doctors and psychiatrists have become the distributors of these body-destroying chemicals.